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    Inspire, uplift and encourage one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. We are Inter-Connected, We are One. Happy Networking!
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    Added on 05 September 2020

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    Harland Sanders: Lessons from 1009 failed times before succeeding from the founder of KFC - Entrepreneur Value Before succeeding with the "this finger lickin’ good" fried chicken recipe, Colonel Sanders was rejected exactly 1009 times. That's not to mention the

    Added on 03 September
    A Million-Dollar Business Owner Unlocks The Systems And Processes That Helped Him Scale Jaime Jay created a million-dollar, one-person business with the help of a team of contractors. Now he's sharing the strategies that helped him grow his business in a new book, "Quit Repeating Yourself."

    Added on 01 September
    It’s on Digital Platforms to Make the Internet a Better Place Three strategies to support users’ digital wellbeing.

    Added on 11 August
    The Power of Community: How Business Networking Can Nurture Your Growth Some of the greatest potential opportunities for growing your business can stem from finding time to step out of the weeds of your day-to-day, and joining a community of peers. In this article, we'll show you how viewing community as part of your growth strategy will: Help you increase referrals. Establish thought leadership. Gain insights on key b...

    Added on 22 June
    Growth Platforms Are a Must for Long-Term Business Success - York IE Understand why growth platforms are strategically important for increasing revenue and earnings for your startup business.

    Added on 10 May
    Do it and never stop. Even if it'll take you thousand years to accomplish it. The important thing is the end result.

    Added on 21 March
    Why Young Entrepreneurs Should Model Travis Kalanick, the Infamous Uber Founder He has sales skills like Steve Jobs and a vision like Elon Musk.

    Added on 23 January
    Why billionaire VC Marc Andreessen schedules every second of his day, including 'critical' free time Billionaire tech entrepreneur and leading Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen went from no schedule to doing "a complete 180." He now blocks out everything ...

    Added on 19 January
    Prepare Yourself for Prosperity With These 6 Success Habits Success stories don't come from naturally successful people. They come from ordinary people with starry eyes and big dreams who stayed true to their end goal